Go Zero to Hero With these visual marketing ideas for Instagram and Pinterest

Do you want to leave a long-lasting impression on your audiences’ mind? Do you want to learn how to boost your Instagram and Pinterest with the right tools and strategy? By the end of this blog post, you will be able to go from Zero to Hero in your visual marketing strategy

It is important for a brand to have a visual marketing strategy that is not only snackable, but also provides true value to the audience. Today, we will give you some ideas on how to use visuals to market your brand and business on Instagram and Pinterest.

But first, let’s understand what is visual marketing?

Visual marketing

Visual marketing is the practice of using images and video in a context to deliver a desired message to the viewer.

Almost everywhere you look on the internet today, you will find some kind of visual content either in the form of images or videos.

What’s most interesting is that:


Why the average person prefers visual over text?

According to a post published by Larry Kim, founder and CTO of Wordstream at Inc. said:

“Amongst all marketing trends, visual marketing is almost impossible to ignore.” – Larry Kim


  • We have a very short attention span, as little as 8 seconds and need only 2.8 seconds to be distracted.
  • We need only 50 milliseconds to form a first impression about somebody.
  • According to a study by Jakob Nielsen, an internet usability expert pointed out that a web user will only read 20 to 28 percent text on a web page visit.


That’s why visual social platforms like Pinterest and Instagram have been so successful and popular.



Let’s look at some visual marketing ideas for Pinterest and Instagram that can boost the engagement of your social media profiles.

Visual Marketing Ideas for Pinterest

1. High-Quality content

Create pins that have really good images and descriptions. It means not only your image quality has to be excellent but also interesting enough for people to stop scrolling and read your pin.

2. Tall images

It has been observed that tall images perform well on Pinterest compared to square or wide images. Pinterest places an image post in columns and posting a tall image actually makes your post look better in the feed. According to Pinterest, the best aspect ratio for posting images on Pinterest is 2:3, with a minimum 600 pixels of width.

For example, a 2:3 aspect ratio could be:

  • 600 pixels in width and 900 pixels in height.
  • 1000 pixels in width and 1500 pixels in height.

3. Visually appealing

Make your images visually appealing. Focus on keeping your design consistent throughout your posting. This will help you with your branding. Your fans will be able to distinguish your posts. You will also be able to work on having a flow of your communication.

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 6.15.04 PM.png

From the above Pinterest board of Side Hustle Nation, you can see they follow a template in all their pin designs. They use similar fonts and a set of colours.

Use the tool like SocialPilot app which comes with visual composer feature. It allows you to create appealing images to share on your social media profiles. It has everything you need to design images within minutes including fonts, backgrounds, filters, quotes, and watermark as well.

Tip: Watermark your logo or website address on each pin. This will help users know immediately the owner of the pin. SocialPilot app allows you to add logo on your image from its in-built Watermark feature.


4. SEO Rich Descriptions

According to Shareaholic, Pinterest sends more referral traffic than Google Plus, YouTube and LinkedIn combined. If your pins are optimized with SEO rich descriptions, your pins have a good chance of being found on google and other search engines. It is common to find a Pinterest pins in Google search results.

When searching for a search term “shapewear ideas for a date” in Google search, the first two results are links to Pinterest.


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