How to Eliminate Mucus and Phlegm from the Throat and Chest (Immediate Results)

People with nasal and throat blockages have phlegm deposits in the lungs which cause breathing problems and increased coughing. Although this is not a fatal issue, it can interfere with your everyday life.

Also, if you do not treat this problem, it may cause you, even more, health problems.

Phlegm in the Lungs

For those who do not know, phlegm is a sticky substance secreted by the mucus of the ventilator system. This substance is sticky because of its protective role to catch dust, viruses, and allergies. Among its main roles is preventing infections such as colds.

When one feels an urge to cough it means they have excess mucus in the throat and the chest, which can be a result of bacteria, viruses, flu, and so on.

The rest of the symptoms are fever, weakness, difficulty breathing, and runny nose. The phlegm blocks the bronchial tubes if it is not removed properly.

How to Remove Mucus in a Natural Way

Even though there are meds that can be helpful, in order to avoid side effects, there are natural ways as well. Below we offer you 4 methods you may find useful.

1. Ginger Tea

Ginger is a healthy remedy which is antibacterial, antiviral, antihistamine, as well as a natural decongestant. So, it can ease throat and chest congestion by removing excess phlegm. The best way to use ginger is in tea. If you want to prepare this tea, you need:

  • Two cups of water
  • One teaspoon of honey
  • One teaspoon of peppercorn
  • Six pieces of ginger

How to prepare it?

Boil the water, then add the peppercorn and the ginger. Wait for the mixture to boil. When it starts boiling, you should cover it and let it stay for 1 minute.

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