How to Hack Instagram Marketing: 60 Instagram Tips You Should Know

If you’re not marketing on Instagram, you could be missing out on a lot of sales. Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms Oberlo users market on. Whether you’re a beginner looking for steps on how to use Instagram or a seasoned store owner looking for some different Instagram marketing ideas, you’ll find 60 Instagram hacks in this read. By learning how to hack Instagram, you’ll be more likely to get more engagement, followers and, of course, customers. In this article, you’ll learn how I was able to drive thousands of video views, followers, likes and comments to my Instagram page. And how I landed sales from new customers. 

Hack Instagram with these 60 Instagram Tips

1. How to Hack Instagram with Hashtag Marketing

When I build up a new Instagram account, I always create a hashtag. There’s no complicated process to do this. All you need to do is add a hashtag (#) and your brand name. For example, Forever 21’s hashtag is #forever21. In the beginning, only you will be using your hashtag. However, as your brand grows in popularity and people start buying your products, you will see more people using your hashtag. If your brand name is a common word, you can use your brand’s slogan instead.

In the beginning, only you will be using your hashtag. However, as your brand grows in popularity and people start buying your products, you will see more people using your hashtag. If your brand name is a common word, you can use your brand’s slogan instead.

instagram marketing - hashtags

In every Instagram post, you should always include up to 30 hashtags. Thirty is the max. Typing them out every time will be annoying. So feel free to add a note or file on your phone and copy and paste them every time. Your hashtags should be in the first comment of every post you write. For my online store, I would add about 25-30 hashtags per post. I found it helped me grow my following quickly. 

You might be wondering, “how do I find the right hashtags?

Tools like Hashtagify allow you to find popular hashtags for your niche. It can also tell you how popular your hashtag is, top influencers using that hashtag, and which countries the hashtag is most popular in.

How to Hack Instagram

I also really like Top Hashtags. All you need to do is type in your keyword and a list will populate with some of the most popular hashtags with that keyword. You’ll even be able to see the number of pictures that use that hashtag proving its popularity.

instagram tips - hashtags


You can also find popular hashtags on Instagram. You can search your keyword with a hashtag. For example, #dogs and a dropdown of related hashtags will appear which you can add to your list. You can also browse popular accounts to view the hashtags they use in their marketing.

There are also popular weekly and thematic hashtags you can jump on. For example, #MotivationMonday #WisdomWednesday #ThrowbackThursday. You can post content around these themes on those days. For example, if you’re in the fitness niche you might post a before and after shot on Motivation Monday or even Throwback Thursday.  

2. Best times to Post on Instagram – Insta Hack

There’s very little consensus about the best time to post on Instagram. And that’s okay. The times that work best for your brand may not work for another brand and vice versa.

I’ve managed Instagram accounts where I posted throughout the day whenever I had a spare minute. I didn’t always have a strategy for the times I’d post at. If you’re running a business, it’s better to post when you can than to not post at all if you miss the perfect time.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experiment. But you don’t have to always match the exact times for every day. The truth is if your post is great, you use hashtags and you build your following overtime, you’ll still get high engagement.

But for those of you who schedule your posts using a scheduling tool like Buffer or want to try to get the right times, here are some of the most popular times to post.

hack instagram

According to Later, another great Instagram scheduling app, 11am-1pm and 7pm-9pm are the best times to post on Instagram. They also share from their own experience, that Wednesday and Thursdays tend to get higher levels of engagement.

CoSchedule says that the best times to post on Instagram are at 2 am, 8am-9am, and 5pm. They also add that Monday and Thursday are the best days to post on the platform.

Hopper analyzed over 1.2 million Instagram posts and determined that the best times to post on Instagram are between 6pm-7:30pm on weekdays and at 11am on weekends.

So like I said, there’s no one agreed upon time that works best. So you’ll need to test out what times work best for your audience. And optimize your content to give your posts the best chance of growing organically.

3. Use Instagram Carousels – Instagram Hack

Instagram carousel posts allow you to upload up to 10 images in one post. If you have a lot of related pictures you want to post without adding them into separate posts, this is the feature you want to use.

How to Hack Instagram - Instagram carousels

Use Instagram carousels if:

  • You want to post several items from the same collection. For example, if you just launched a collection of embroidered apparel, rather than posting items in different posts, you might choose to make one post about that collection. Those who love the embroidered look may want to scroll through some of your collection on the app before jumping onto your website to make their purchase.
  • You’re launching a promotion. If you have a Buy Two Get One Free promotion for select items on your store. You might have a main image that tells users about the sale. However, the following images could be the types of items on sales such sweaters, shoes, etc. You’ll want to make sure every item that follows is eligible for the promotion you offered.
  • If you hosted an event, you could use Instagram carousels for people to browse event pictures. It works great as it groups the relevant pictures together. Those interested in the pictures will flip through the collection. And those not interested don’t have to see several different posts about the event.

How to Add Multiple Pictures to a Post:

  1. Click the + on the bottom middle of your Instagram app
  2. Click Select Multiple
  3. Click on the circle for up to 10 images you want to add
  4. Click Next
  5. Add filters, if necessary
  6. Click Next
  7. Add a Caption
  8. Click Share

4. Find Instagram influencers – Instagram Tips

Influencers can help increase your social following and sales. To find the best influencers, you can browse Instagram accounts and/or use influencer platforms. If you choose to browse influencers on your own, you won’t need to pay a fee to find them. However, you might end up with an influencer whose audience doesn’t convert. With an influencer platform, you can rate and review influencers whose performance is sub-par. You can also choose influencers based on their glowing reviews.

Here are a few influencer platforms:

iFluenzInstagram marketing

Open InfluenceHow to Hack Instagram


Instagram Marketing

Aren’t influencers expensive, though?

I’ve had some success with influencers in the past. Typically, I usually have two approaches to finding affordable yet profitable accounts.

First, if I’m starting a brand new store, I’ll usually reach out to influencers with small audiences under 10,000 and ask if they’d be willing to do a post for a free product and affiliate commission. You’ll likely get a lot of rejections from this, but there will be some who do it. This strategy works well for brands who have no customer photos and want to build them up. You might not get any sales through their commissions. But the pictures you get of people using it can be used in ads. Make sure you get their consent and make them sign a contract for permission to use their image for your ads.

Second, if the goal is to get sales, I usually reach out to influencers within my niche who actively post sponsored posts. You can browse sponsored posts using keywords like #ad or #sponsored. But the big mistake I made when I was just starting out was that I paid influencers who had big followings but weren’t niche specific. The result typically ended in no sales.

When the approach focused on sponsored posts within my niche, I usually made sales. You’ll have to ask a few people what their rates are. And in the beginning, it’s often a shot in the dark trying to figure out which influencer will convert well and which will lead to you breaking even.

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