Ikesha Delpesche of Ikesha Art

As a young child growing up I have always had a keen interest in sewing.
I basically grew up watching my mom sew and making craft items as she was also in the creative sector.
At a tender age of 9, I never hesitated to go on my moms’ sewing machine and sew something.
I started Designing and Making bags in 2012. I have never had any formal training in Bagmaking, everything was self-taught.
However, I did a Fashion Design Course in 2010-2011 and I think that course help me to develop my creative ability more.
“It all started when a client whom I made an earring for as I was making earring at that time. She asks with the knowledge of knowing that I can sew”.
“She asks me to make a bag like what I was wearing that day. I never hesitated and went home dissected the bag; did a pattern and produce the bag and delivered it in a matter of days. She was quite impressed and then is where my bag making business started”.
“I started out with 1 client per month to 3-4 new clients per month”.
“My marketing strategy at the beginning was basically attending tradeshows, word of mouth advertising and so one.
Lately, I’m now taking my social media marketing seriously and Instagram and Facebook are now my major marketing tool”. 
“In September 2012 I took part in my first Youth Conference and Exhibition that took place in st. Vincent and was awarded Most
Young Entrepreneur for St. Vincent. The Event was put on by the Youth Business S.V.G.”
Attended numerous Small Business Seminars throughout my years of business: Invest S.V.G and Small Enterprise Development Unit to name a few.
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