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  • Daily visits-2 points per day(varies on special days)

  • Add & invite friends- 25 Points per day (5 points per person)(varies on special days)

  • Registration10 points one time 

  • Events-1 Point for viewing events

  • Sharing-5 Points per day for sharing on Facebook, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Twitter etc

  • Shop at partner stores and earn-Points vary according to purchase(Coupons)

  • Viewing videos-10Points for viewing entire video ad (varies on special days)

  • Points for shopping-Get 5 points after each product purchased

            Other points

  • Viewing articles-1 point
  • Viewing Business Directory-(varies on special days)
  • Commenting on articles- (1 point per comment)(varies on special days)
  • Community Interactions-1 point
  • Participating in Surveys, Quizzes & Poll-(varies on special days)
  • Viewing E-shop products- (varies on special days)

Video points Test: Get 10 points for watching an entire video 

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N.B. Points expire at the end of every major campaign… 

Vincy Business Magazine introduces its point system

Imagine earning points to purchase any item in our e-shop!

Imagine a weekend stay at one of SVG’s finest hotel or a meal at your favourite restaurant.

Vincy Business Magazine-VBizmag just launched its loyalty points program…

Imagine earning points for viewing, sharing and commenting on articles daily with your friends on social media?

Shop at their partners’ businesses and earn points as well. Each $dollar spent gives you one point….which can be used to redeem items in the e-store…..

To Join the community please visit www.vmag.biz and start earning points today!

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