“Sour-Sop, Moringa, A Changed Diet Cured My Cancer”

Source: The Grenadier Informer

Having been condemned to nothing more than two years to live, a cancer survivor is now showing the world how she has defied the doctor’s prognosis through the use of the soursop leaves, Moringa and a revolutionary approach to her diet.

Sally Pemberton, who operates the Kayak Café, says that she was first diagnosed with cervical cancer in December 2010 when she underwent an operation to remove her lymph glands. Following this, she added she underwent another surgery.

The cancer she said returned in December of 2015 and she decided to return to her native England. She said that after taking two months to see the oncologist she underwent 40 sessions of radiation and chemotherapy, which she said was tough and heavy. 

This she said was because the disease had gone into the pelvis.  Ms Pemberton pointed out that she then returned to Carriacou for five weeks before returning for a checkup.  By this time she said it had spread even further.

“I had a big lump in my lymph gland and the doctor said that it was not good.

“There is nothing we can do for you and you have a year and a half to two years to live”, Ms Pemberton said the doctor related to her. 

By this time she had been living in Carriacou for well over ten years.

In light of this prognosis, Mrs. Pemberton said, she then returned to Carriacou and began putting structures in place for her death.  

However, she pointed out, a friend offered her a book entitled – Heal Cancer Naturally.


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