This Pop-Up Entrepreneur Is Saving 10,000 Christmases in Puerto Rico

Kevin Donnelly is a guy from Long Island who has been contemplating what to do with his life. A one-time entrepreneur, he is now thinking about a possible career change.

So I have been duly pitching him in the joys and sorrows of advice giving. Our holy orders need more good guys. Smart, soulful, and with tons of business experience, Kevin and I were close to getting together in a couple of engagements.

Then Hurricane Maria happened in Puerto Rico. “I just thought that it meant that the kids in Puerto Rico were going to have a lousy Christmas,” Kevin told me. Except Kevin would never use a mealy-mouthed word like “lousy.” He meant they would have a really, really bad Christmas.

He got the idea for a gift drive directed at Puerto Rico’s displaced kids. You know, the ones living in shelters across the island. He arranged logistics so that the kids would have toys for Three Kings Day. Three Kings actually falls not on Christmas but January 6th, but the idea is that the season would be saved. So he decided to start a toy drive with a really large goal: 10,000 toys for Puerto Rico’s kids.

Socialpreneur Defined

Entrepreneurs find a need and fill it. Socialpreneurs do the same–they find a social need and fill it. In Kevin’s case, being a dad helps. It also helps that he has a restless intelligence that is always looking for a challenge.


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