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Source: Women of Business Caribbean

Mrs. Elene Jones is a proud Vincentian woman who is determined to make a go of her business of choice. She is one of those people who is outgoing and engaging. Read on to see what she shares with Women of Business, Caribbean.

1. Describe yourself in no more than three sentences, one if it is possible.I am a phenomenal woman with a purpose. I’m passionate about helping others, wealth creation and constantly developing ways to efficiently achieve and exceed these goals. 

2Who or What is your greatest motivation?
My greatest motivation is the happiness of my family.

3. Share with us what your business is about?
Shempaulene Travel and Employment Services is a small home-based business. We believe exceptional customer service is key for our success and are committed to providing affordable travel. We are also committed to creating employment in this Industry. Our Partners are XStream Travel out of Texas, U.S.A. We offer a range of products such as cruises, bookings for Hotels/Condos, flights, car rental, and world wide vacation packages in top destinations. There are job opportunities for those interested to come on as agents.

Our company’s vision is to become the premier provider of travel/employment-related services and to become the most respected and admired company in the world, by adhering to the principles of trust, respect, integrity and edification.  We aim to revolutionize travel through the power of relationships and technology along with an unprecedented income opportunity. By so doing, the business becomes a Legacy company, helping families worldwide live the lives of their dreams. Vist my facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/vernel.

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October 21, 2017 10:16 am
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