Vincentian violinist is making his mark around the world

“I was never interested in playing the violin but God wanted me to have Mr Roy Kirby came to me and said.. I have a little violin home would u like to have it..I never really knew what the violin was about I said sure.. all I knew it was an instrument and I could hopefully make some music on it and enjoy a toy… after I received The violin I started playing the it in about a week just 11 years old . Now this is Darron Andrews Music internationally acclaimed Vincentian violinist/musician. I failed many times at the violin, popped many strings..people said stop making noise including some family and friends. It hurt like crazy but.. determination, hard work and prayer can take u places. Places that I never even knew existed..I’m a living example. Never give up.. keep making noise one day it would be beautiful music.. one love God is good #reflection #give thanks ???

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